Diabetes, Endocrinology, & Metabolic Center

Meet The Doctor

Rinal Patel, M.D.

Internal Medicine/Endocrinologist

Dr. Rinal Patel is a double board certified physician in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism with broad experience across all aspects of endocrinology and internal medicine. She completed her residency in internal medicine at Nassau University Medical Center in Long Island, NY and went along to complete her endocrinology fellowship at Baylor Scott and White in Temple, Texas. Dr. Patel offers highly personalized medical care to adult patients at her private practice located in the Heights in Houston, Texas. Her practice is located at the Memorial Hermann medical plaza 3; 1801 North Loop West STE 45 Houston, Texas 77008.

Endocrinology is the medical specialty devoted to treating problems with the endocrine glands and hormonal imbalance. Hormones control nearly everything the body does, which can have a significant impact on your overall health and wellness. Dr. Patel provides comprehensive medical evaluations and testing to uncover the root cause of certain hormonal issues to help restore patients’ health and wellness with personalized medical treatment and lifestyle modification. She specializes in diagnosing and managing conditions such as diabetes, thyroid and parathyroid disorders, obesity, male testicular hypo-function, osteoporosis and bone disorders, pituitary disease, adrenal gland disorders and a variety of other hormone-related conditions.